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Who We Are

Once past the doors of Alfred Williams & Company the senses come alive with the hustle-bustle of an energetic company - quite spry after over 145 years. The modern flair of the showroom boasts office furnishings in every style, supported by dedicated employees with a knack for hard work.

Five generations of Williams' have stressed the importance of employee satisfaction and development. It was with this approach that the collaborative environment of cross-functional teams was born: groups of specialists combining resources and knowledge. This creative approach is an example of our ability to embrace change - keeping us poised for market leadership.

Appreciative to generations of grassroots clients, the company began in 1867 as a bookstore, survived The Great Depression, evolved into public school book sales, office supplies and finally office furniture in 1948.

Alfred Williams & Company offers the services and products of an efficient, streamlined, state-of-the-art business. We take pride in the relationships we create, and we enjoy designing distinct work spaces and providing quality services.