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State, Local, and Federal Government

With more than 25 years of experience and pre-established contracts with government agencies, we understand the unique needs of local, state, and federal facilities and procurement leaders.

Alfred Williams & Company has focused on the special concerns of federal government facilities, as well as state and local government agencies. When it comes to the federal government, our partner, MillerKnoll, has been an insightful supplier for decades. Back in 1975, they became the first office furniture manufacturer awarded a GSA schedule. Since then, the company has been a leading Schedule 71 supplier year after year—consistency that has earned MillerKnoll one of the largest installed bases within the federal government.

Together, we want to help you create workplaces that better support your people while fulfilling the government’s requirement for reduction in real estate spending. We offer government organizations solutions designed to enhance connection, creativity, and productivity in the workplace. These solutions include research-based insights about workplace design, and well-designed, top quality, customized products, worry-free installation and service with an industry-leading warranty.

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