Gulch Hub 70 Meeting

Space Planning and Design

Great office interiors start with you. We work with your team to define your needs then develop a comprehensive design solution that enables us to deliver extraordinary results.

We believe great work happens in great spaces. That belief is the core of our business. Alfred Williams & Company supports this commitment through a robust offering of services including space planning and design, project management, delivery, installation, and product maintenance.

Working with quality manufacturers, we deliver environments that are research-based, human-centered, and problem-solving. Through our diverse offering of furniture, seating, ergonomic tools, flooring, specialty storage, custom pre-fabricated interior construction, and more than 50 years of design expertise, these well-designed spaces are brought to life.

Our designers consider traffic flow, meeting spaces, equipment location, the flow of power and data, and the quality and movement of conversation and light. They consider aesthetic choices, corporate culture, as well as organizational and individual needs to develop your space planning drawings. The resulting drawings are detailed enough for electricians to efficiently power every outlet, IT personnel to deliver data quickly and effectively. Your managers will understand where team meetings will be held and employees will know where to hang their coats.

We invite you to visit us in person—bring your team, your designers, architects, contractors, your valued employees. Come explore our spaces and meet our team. Together we will solve problems, innovate, and design a workspace that inspires you to do great things.