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  • Nashville’s “Human Factors in Workplace Design” CEU

Nashville’s “Human Factors in Workplace Design” CEU

When we feel better, we work better. That’s one of many reasons it’s critical to consider human factors in workplace design.

Nashville Ceu Peter Boccardo

An office that takes the whole human into consideration—an office that encourages movements large and small throughout the day, that allows us to initiate and regulate social interaction, and that takes into consideration factors like personal space, physical and psychological proximity, and territoriality—helps us feel better. It improves our health, comfort, and connection. By providing an overview of physical, social, and cognitive ergonomics, this CEU will help participants design workplaces that are healthier for workers.

Dozens of people from the design community in Nashville, TN took part in Herman Miller’s CEU, “Human Factors in Workplace Design”, presented by Peter Boccardo, Human Factors and Ergonomic Specialist