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Triangle companies with 100-year staying power

We are proud that The Triangle Business Journal focused on Alfred Williams & Company as one of their examples for their cover story, "Triangle companies with 100-year staying power".

Mr Edward Curtis
Edward Curtis1967

The article features Raleigh companies that have endured and thrived over the past century. The reporter, Cameron Snipes, writes that these businesses "are cloaked with loyalties and traditions that are passed down through several generations."

As everyone who has worked at Alfred Williams & Company knows, our prime example of company loyalty is Mr. Edward Curtis. At 97, he has worked for Alfred Williams & Company since he returned from World War II. In our 1967 brochure his head shot and title as head of "Shipping and Receiving" are prominently featured.

As the article in the Triangle Business Journal proceeds, Blount Williams, Chairman/CEO and Mr. Edward Curtis explain the development of his current position.

“Two years ago, Blount Williams, chairman and CEO of the company noticed that Curtis was beginning to show his age with regard to his work. Williams sat down with Curtis’ daughter to discuss his ongoing employment.

”I didn’t want to quit work,” says Curtis

The company now gives him a handful of cash every Monday morning for cab rides to and from work. He works three days per week and is paid the same hourly wage as he did when he worked full-time at the company.

”He’s our storyteller,” Williams says.

The employer-employee relationship at Williams’ company and all others that have survived two world wars, one catastrophic depression and countless recessions, reflect a culture of inter-dependence that is rarely prevalent in businesses today.”

— Cameron Snipes, Triangle Business Journal