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Let’s Prepare for Your Return to the Physical Workplace

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Many organizations are now faced with challenging realities. How do you prepare people, place, and business practices to support a post COVID-19 environment? Our team of creative professionals is ready to share our workplace strategy experience and placemaking expertise with you during this unprecedented time. We will focus on your specific needs to provide you the insight and tools needed for a safe return to the physical workplace.

For a deeper discussion and details on any of the topics below, contact your Alfred Williams & Company Account Manager or email us at info@alfredwilliams.com.

Physical Distancing

Adjust furniture spacing or occupancy to meet a minimum 6-foot distance between people. This includes evaluation of workstations, collaborative spaces, meeting rooms and break areas.

Space Planning

Develop a workplace layout that accomplishes your physical distancing and other needs. With your floorplan, vision and specific needs in mind, our team of interior designers can help you to accomplish this.


Reconfigure workstations and collaborative areas to support recommended distancing and reduce face-to-face positioning.


Accomplish distancing requirements with a phased return to the physical workplace.


Support psychological safety by incorporating movable or fixed screens, partitions, or storage.

Working from Home Solutions

Incorporate work-from-home options that support ergonomics, phasing, technology, and productivity.

Enhance Cleaning Protocols

Implement rigorous hand washing and surface cleaning to improve the safety and comfort of your employees and guests.

Specific cleaning agents are recommended for various surface finishes and fabrics.
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Provide Change Management Communications

Engage employees and provide proactive communication to employees and guests around cleaning protocols and other changes. Consider visual prompts (signage) and cleaning stations. Our team is available to help you with planning, tools and resources.