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  • How may we help inform and support your work from home (WFH) strategy?

How may we help inform and support your work from home (WFH) strategy?

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Call on us to help shape your WFH strategy with:

  • Data from our research and collaboration with Leesman, a leading independent employee workplace consultancy.
  • Webinars for your employees with our Well-Being Knowledge Consultant.
  • An employee purchase program to facilitate the process of providing ergonomic furnishings people need to be comfortable and productive at home.

Critical support for a workplace in flux:

  • The experience is different for everyone — and some people have it much harder than others.
  • Ergonomic products and tools can help level the playing field.
  • Companies that invest in their people can help them be healthy, comfortable, and focused while working from home.

WFH Checklist:

  • Regularly check-in with team members
  • Understand the challenges of helping everyone stay connected and engaged
  • Establish outcome-driven performance metrics
  • Rely on technology tools that keep you connected throughout the day
  • Ensure that all remote workers have the right technology and connectivity tools to efficiently accomplish their work
  • Make sure important conversations and decisions include all team members
  • Regularly gauge the effectiveness of work-from-home employee experiences
  • Get creative with ideas for socializing digitally

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