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Work Points Podcast - Season 1

Welcome to Work Points, a podcast that provides new insights into the ever evolving world of the work and workplace design.

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Season 1 | The Future of Work

Work Points S1 E1

Episode 1

GUEST: Ryan Anderson, Vice President of Global Research & Insight, MillerKnoll

To kick off the Work Points podcast, host Jade Franklin sits down with Ryan Anderson, Vice President of Global Research & Insights at MillerKnoll, to discuss the evolving office landscape – how it all began and where we go from here!

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Work Points S1 E2

Episode 2

GUEST: Simon Davis, Founder and CEO, Purposeful Intent

In episode 2, your host Jade Franklin sits down with Simon Davis, Founder and CEO of Purposeful Intent. They discuss how the remote work trend continues to find its equilibrium in a post-pandemic world, it’s becoming more clear that for employers who want to bring workers back to the office, it must be done with intent and purpose, rather than through mandates.

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Work Points S1 E3

Episode 3

GUEST: Corinne Murray, Founder and CEO

In episode 3, your host Jade Franklin talks to Corinne Murray, the Founder & CEO of Agate, about the importance of employee autonomy in the workplace. Corinne emphasizes the need for organizations to consider their unique circumstances and engage in constant conversations and open dialogue with their teams to foster a positive employee experience.

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Work Points S1 E4

Episode 4

GUEST: Michael Patrick Davidson, Global Client Engagement

Michael Patrick Davidson, a corporate real estate leader and the writer/director/producer of the new documentary, "Hope, Humanity, and the Workplace", discuss his inspiration behind the documentary and how his humble roots and a cheerful, family-owned restaurant influenced his work and perspective through his 30+ year career as a real estate professional.

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Work Points S1 E5

Episode 5

GUEST: Brett Hautop, Founding Partner, Workshape

Brett Hautop joins host Jade Franklin for the final episode of the first season of Work Points to discuss what Brett sees as the opportunity for employers to reshape their physical and cultural workspaces. Using intentionality and the power of the human connection, Brett shares why a hybrid work arrangement can be even more powerful and efficient than what businesses have become accustomed to in past generations.

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Meet Your Host

Jade Franklin3

Jade Franklin

As Vice President of Strategy, Jade focuses on the connection between design, employee experience, and organizational outcomes. In her role, Jade engages with a broad range of clients and industry partners to uncover emerging workplace trends and develop effective workplace planning strategies for her clients. Her foundation in Interior Design coupled with 17 years of industry experience provides Jade with the understanding, expertise and constant curiosity needed to assist clients in solving their workplace needs.