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DIRTT is an innovative, adaptive approach to modular wall construction.

DIRTT is an innovative, adaptive approach to rapid construction that exceeds basic modular wall construction.

With modular walls as the foundation, DIRTT offers more than simple wall elements—ultimate customizationspeed with cutting edge manufacturing, and effortless installation to deliver solutions reflecting your specific vision and culture.

DIRTT’s proprietary software, ICE™, is at the core of DIRTT’s innovation. Technology drives the design, manufacturing, and installation process – ultimately leading to accuracy and speed.

Value + Benefits of the DIRTT Approach:

For Our Clients: DIRTT offers the highest degree of flexibility through ultimate customization and the ability to make changes on demand, providing you immediate perspectives of your space early in the process.

For A&D: DIRTT's highest level of customization brings an architect's vision to life. DIRTT's approach is innovative and never uses a catalog. Each and every detail is specified to fit the space precisely.

For General Contractors: Speed to market is essential, especially when dealing with complex construction schedules and coordinating multiple trades. DIRTT can assume a significant portion of the construction scope, acting as a “super-sub” on a project. DIRTT’s lead times, both for manufacturing, shipping, and installation are among the shortest in the industry.

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