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German-milled 100% wool felt with acoustic and textural solutions for ceilings, walls, floors, and dividing space.

Wall Panels
As workplaces become more open, controlling sound and minimizing distractions becomes essential. FilzFelt wall panels combine the natural beauty of 100% Wool Design Felt with repetition and pattern to create acoustic architectural finishes that are elegant and easy to install.

Hanging Panels

In open spaces hanging felt panels divide space, reduce echo and introduce color and pattern. Wool felt is an ideal material for hanging panels due to its thickness and density, which allow the panels to hang freely without a backing or additional support. This enables an unfettered, modern screening system that is identical from both sides and will always hang straight.


FilzFelt’s acoustic products offer flexibility paired with superior acoustic absorption in freestanding, surface-mounted, suspended, and table-mounted options. Additionally, all products are customizable in size. These sound-mitigating products pair high performance acoustic substrates with 100% Wool Design Felt to provide Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings up to 1.20. Need a little help? Our propriety reverberation calculator can guide in the planning and placement of FilzFelt acoustic products.

Desktop Screens

Collaboration may spark ideas, but focus gets the job done. Stake your claim on the space you need with portable felt desktop screens.

And More...

Cut yardage, floor coverings, product collaborations with leading designers, and custom projects.

Beyond the extensive scope of standard offerings, FilzFelt is ready to help create custom solutions for any project.

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