Ally Charlotte Center

Charlotte, NC

Ally 01

The design concept for Ally Charlotte Center revolves around several principles important to ALLY's culture and identity. Those principles are building COMMUNITY, effective WORKING, providing for WELL BEING, and reinforcing their role as DISRUPTORS in the banking industry. Our concept looked to combine planning strategies, interior design, furniture, and graphics to create an immersive experience reinforcing the principles listed above.

Each floor is organized around a central core with a community café, meeting rooms, surrounded by modular collaboration spaces and workstations. Communication stairs unite groups of floors. Interior colors and furnishings identify collaboration zones (warm tones) and technology zones (cool tones), underscoring company's message of uniting collaboration and innovation.

Employee social immersion zones - a coffee bar, casual seating and gathering areas, outdoor patio, art studio, music studio, library, arcade, golf simulator, NASCAR simulator - are scattered throughout Ally's 23 floors, encouraging employees to move throughout the headquarters and interact with one another. Dining is available, including ground-level restaurants open to the public, along with a wide array of restaurants in the immediate neighborhood.

The new workplace employs thoughtful strategies that connect employees with one another throughout the building, with their vibrant urban neighborhood, and even with Ally employees in other cities. Through deliberate placement of social immersion zones and communicating stairs, the design creates new connections between floors, fostering spontaneous interactions among different groups throughout the day. The Ally story includes a series of intentional graphics linking Ally's identity as a disruptor to its history and connection to the Charlotte region.


A&D FIRM: SmithGroup (Design Architect) and LS3P (Architect of Record)


GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Brasfield & Gorrie