Sony Music Nashville

Commercial | Nashville, TN

1  Sony Nashville 2017 Lobby

"The openness has changed our communication style. Proximity instantly improves collaboration; quick answers can be obtained in person rather than through email. Face-to-face interactions have become commonplace; therefore, discussions are more inclusive, creative, and robust." — Ken Robold, Executive Vice President and COO at Sony Music Nashville

SCOPE: 26,000 square feet, 92 Workstations, 8 Private Offices, Executive Retreats, Conference Rooms, Enclaves and Phone Rooms, Reception, Various Ancillary Product

DESIGN FIRM: Hastings Architecture

THE GOAL: "The design for the new artist-centric spaces exploits the tension between Sony’s treasured legacy and the rapidly changing future of Nashville’s music industry." - Hastings Architecture


RECOGNITION: Contract Magazine, June 2018