Tee Line

Hospitality | Nashville, TN

Centric Tee Line 34r 1

SCOPE: 25,000 SQFT | Full Bar/Restaurant, Indoor Curling and Bowling, Outdoor Space, Private Offices, Lounge Spaces

THE GOAL: Tee Line is Nashville’s first indoor curling facility located in a 25,000 square-foot refurbished steel fabrication shop. It includes four bowling lanes, three curling sheets, a bar/restaurant, and an outdoor space. After ending his NFL career, the owner grew an appreciation for the art of curling and the community that’s drawn to the sport, so he decided to open a facility here in Nashville! The ultimate goal of Tee Line is to bring the local community together through fun, interactive sports and introduce people to the joy of curling.

DESIGN FIRM: Centric Architecture

PHOTOGRAPHY: Nick McGinn Photography