Warner Music Group

Commercial | Nashville, TN

SCOPE: 31,800 square feet, 172 Workstations, 10 Private Offices, 6 Conference Rooms, Multiple Lounge Spaces for Meeting and Collaborating

DESIGN FIRM: Hastings Architecture

THE GOAL: “Housing the Legal, Analysis, Royalties, Finance, and Licensing departments that serve the entire portfolio of labels under the Warner Music Group (WMG) umbrella, the Center for Excellence is designed to capture a unique breed of individuals – as passionate about numbers and analytics as music – while reinforcing the entrepreneurial and egalitarian ethos of WMG. To this end, the open office is supported by elevated shared spaces encouraging interaction across departments.” – Hastings Architecture

THE DETAILS: The Alfred Williams & Company team worked with Warner and Hastings to develop warm, residential feeling "retreats" in lieu of private offices, and adorned all open-area workstations with height adjustability to facilitate healthy sitting and standing posture. The environment is also supported by several open-area lounge settings which encourage creativity and collaboration among team members. A laid-back vinyl library can be found right at the front entrance, allowing associates to put on their favorite record which lounging in the plush seating.

PHOTOGRAPHY: McGinn Photography